The Ray Bradbury Theater - Complete Series

I've been waiting for a long time to see this series come to DVD. I remember watching it when I was a teen and loving it. Now, the show lives again on DVD! Some of Bradbury's best short stories are shown here, including "The Wind", "The Veldt", "The Town Where No One Ever Got Off", and "A Sound of Thunder" (being made into a feature film for this Summer). There are over 65 episodes here, which gives you an idea of the hits and misses you'll find. Not every episode is a gem (what series could ever say that anyway?), but most are great. Guest stars galore like Jeff Goldblum, Drew Barrymore, Peter O'Toole, William Shatner (in a REALLY creepy story called "The Playground"), and lots of others (remember, this was the 80's, and those were big names then). The special effects aren't necessarily anything to brag about, but the stories can keep you on the edge of your chair. Unfortunately, the image transfer is horrible at times. The images blur when the camera moves, or pixellate at odd times. Some of the images look washed out. But keep in mind that this was probably made off of older masters, so you can't expect perfection. I'm just glad to see it finally made it to DVD so we can see it again in its entirety!. The shows range anywhere from 22 to 30 minutes. If you're a fan of the Twilight Zone (of which Ray wrote a couple of episodes), then this is another great series to add to the collection (and at a good price for all the episodes). There are no extras at all in here, but I can live with that.

Yeeerk !!!


Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips do cool things. It just pours out of them, it seems. Again and again, in series like Coward, Sleeper, and Criminal, they just make gripping adult tales with hard-hitting action, healthy doses of suspense, a little sex and violence, and compulsively readable dialogue. They've got it down, and it works. It works very well. They do it again in Incognito, a nice take on superpowered action paired with some real-world drama. This time around, a superpowered villain is languishing in the Witness Protection Program after betraying a deadly cartel of megapowered baddies. The greatly named Zack Overkill and his twin were struck down in the first battle. Zack survived; his twin didn't. Now Zack is hiding out in the program, biding his time boringly, taking government-mandated pills to suppress his powers. Yet he yearns for something more. He's also still greatly mourning the loss of his brother, and he's finding his day-to-day existence as a file clerk (a paper-pusher in an increasingly paperless world, as he puts it) more and more ironic, and less and less fulfilling.
Just a fair warning for those so inclined: Incognito addresses several adult themes (yes, sex, violence, and adult language, but also drug use: When Zack begins taking illegal drugs, he finds out they cancel out the effects of the government's power-suppressing meds). Once Zack's powers return and he begins surreptitiously going out on superpowered adventures at night, the cartel he helped bring down (or the remnants of it, anyway) immediately notice. They're not only interested. They want revenge.

You know what I love ?

Night! I love the darkness, and if there are loudy beats, flashing lights and hot partners of both sex, for me it's the perfect night! Feel the rythm of the city by is night life!!!

Hey... I'm a Nuke Bombe!

... And I want to Nuke you !!!

Lost At Sea

I said it once, I've said it again: Mal is a master of teenage, female angst. Which, I suppose is sorta strange when Mal happens to be a tall Korean-Canadian male. ;-) In this delightful graphic novel, Mal delves into his inner-femme and talks about the percarious bridge between youth and adulthood. His cutesy anime-esque style only serves to emphasize this transition. It's not quite messy, but it's not quite clean either. Fan-freaking-tastic. Some people may not get the book merely because they haven't had similar experiences happen in their lives. Also, the narration occasionally makes a turn for melo-drama, in a soap-opera kind of way, and he tries occasionally to make things seem deeper than it may actually be (though, it could be argued that is how all teenage women treat events in their lives, thus the direction is waranted); but, the steady, consistent feel and interesting character interactions make up for it.
But, if you believe in first loves, unexpected friendships, and the realization it's OK to be scared, to be stupid, to make mistakes, to break away from childhood, to make peace with fate, and that everything will turn out well in the end... read this novel. Because, not only is it pretty, it's also true.

Yeah... I know...

It's for those who believe I woke up totaly gorgeous and tasty... Nope, people, during many hours the day, I'm not sexy, hot and wathever you think! I'm me, between human, lizard and oppossum!

Philippines forest...

Yes my friends, I was there, a month ago. It was... amazing! No words can describe the quietness, the peace in my soul, the vitality in my body... I hope you discover like me what the world is, beyond our cities, our technology. The world is living, and it's wonderful.


The awareness of mortality is the backbone of "Daytripper," Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba's exquisite little graphic novel that studies the many deaths of one man. Yes, deaths -- every chapter ends with his death. And all the focus on mortality, ironically, focuses all our attention on life -- its delicacy, its promise, and the strange turns it can take.
Bras de Oliva Domingos is the son of a famous novelist, and has become a writer himself. But as he laments to a friend, "I wanted to write about LIFE, Jorge. And look at me now... all I write about is death." And the comic follows him through his 32nd birthday, through parks, streets, his father's black-tie reception... and to a bar where he will be shot. But that's not the end... or even the beginning. Every chapter of "Daytripper" ends with a death, and each story just leads up to how Bras will die... or might have died... or has died in a parallel reality. It's a little hard to tell. We see him die in different places, in different ways (murder, natural causes, car accident, drowning, etc), and with different people.
And we follow Bras through different parts of his life -- his early work as an obituary writer, his love affair and marriage, his success as a bestselling novelist, his son's birth, and his life with his family. We seem him embittered, jaded, idealistic, loving and exuberant.

"Daytripper" seems like a graphic novel that is all about death. After all, the main character dies over and over in all sorts of ways. But ironically it's a graphic novel that focuses more on life -- as the sea goddess tells Bras at one point, "In order to go after your dreams, you must live your life." So while every chapter ends with death, it allows us to see the beauty, fragility and promise of our lives. And the art is simply stunning -- strong lines, semi-realistic style, and lots of striking images (fish windsocks swimming through the air). And the authors subtlely alter their style, depending on what life-stage Bras is in. As a child, everything is bright, colorful and sunny, like a picture book; in middle-age, things are grey and grimy; as an elderly man, the world is pale and faded, but hauntingly lovely in its realism.
"Daytripper" is a beautiful, haunting meditation on death, and the value of every person's individual life. Touching, lovely and subtle.

Happy christmas fellas!!!

Happy christmas boys and girls!
Hope we met next year for hot and cool time!!!

Trying new things...

These are my recent artworks... For a long time, it was just a hobby, but for now, I think I can sell some of my new ones, they're decent artworks, so... Trying to be billionaire, again !

Halloween night part II

The rest of my horror_night theme! With new friends and old to! nd for the ending of these perfect night; Giant bed, lot of alcohol, and a sexy girl with blue eyes.

Hallowwen night

Yeah it was pretty damn cool! dancing for my friends, and the friends of their friends of their friends! lol! I'm very glad and proud about this night, I met many interesting people and take good time with a bunch of them all the rest of the night, yeah, it was cool !

Purpish Blue !

New hairs (again and again, I know!), for a new season in my life!
I hope you like!


In an unnamed Third World city, Rat, Raphael, and Gardo live with thousands of other kids like them in a garbage dump, where they dig through the detritus looking for anything that could be profitable. When an important person loses something valuable in the refuse, the three boys embark on an engrossing, sobering mystery characterized by stealing, lying, and police brutality as well as generosity, trust, and ingenuity. Multiple characters describe the adventure, and although the switch between narrators may initially seem disorienting (a priest, housemother, and tombstone maker also provide their integral perspectives), the story flows more smoothly as it progresses, bolstered by the young characters’ well-articulated, authentic thoughts, feelings, and voices. Throughout, the boys’ significant sense of devotion and morality leads them from lives of desperation to miraculous possibilities. The culminating scenes contribute important elements of Day of the Dead celebrations and Robin Hood themes, further increasing the novel’s usefulness for discussion and study.

Sand and Water !

For me, it's very important, to be near a sunny and sandy beach, it's important for my bikinis, because if they can't be drowned in salt water, under a great shiny sun, they perish in awful suffering!!! So, let the bikinis lives!  

Thinking about ...

and it's hard, but I can't stop my life because I choose an ancient way, not the wrong way, but one where I wouldn't be on... So, back to the future! I'm happy, mom invite me for a couple of week at family home, that's in Providence, so, hello east coast! Hello bad weather and hello cold wind!

How To Speak And Write Correctly ...

Uuuh... Thank you for that gift Jess...

short hairs again !

 After a deep thinking, I choose to cut my hairs again, I'm feel better like that, and my ancient boss contact me for lap dances all around the CA, so, without money, without a decent car, I choose to came back to my ancient life, but not at full time! Lap dance is cool, but my hopes for the future not concerned by that! So, LB dance again sooner!

Damn it !

I lost my driving license! Cops stopped me on a state road near Orange county, and I lost a looooooong time, here, not a star trek clingon base, but the courthouse of that fucking hole! So, walking is good for me, and I take the bus for long distance... Yeah, greeeaaat!

The Skirball Cultural Center

It was so coooool! The Noah's ark exhibition, in the huge Skirball CC of LA!!!

bad bad candies!

I said no to evilish candy...
but after that last...
and his twin brothers...

relaxing days

Hi everybody! It was cooling and relaxing days for your waitress Laura and her so cutee niece Sara! Go to Disney for enjoying this so great atmosphere, with rollercoasters, space mountain and tons of sweet candies! It was coooooool, my voice is broke after all this screaming and more important, my niece was totaly happy!

Slash, by Slash

This album, by Saul Hudson, aka Slash, former G & R is simply awesome, there is a guest every minute and full of sounds typical of the man with high hat! It is a very good album, produced by a very good guitarist!

News from CA !

It's for you who come visit this humble blog where my ego can relieve and where I can share with you some moments of my life. I feel good for several months, some people I considered as friends abandoned me, they could not accept that I am evolving into something less destructive and risky. I'm meeting new people, new projects, I remain in the photography as a model, I show you a preview of my last session ... Good week to you!

Sold out !

All my old shoes had a price for now.
Contact me here for the bargain !

It's spring !

It's spring! It's so cool! Winter is gone and the sun shine in the sky, in my heart, warming my body, dress off, it's the time to show my light skirts to astonished people!!!  

9dragons !

My new night occupation! 9dragons, a pseudo chinese historical mmorpg with clans, flying boys and girls, bruce lee-screamers in all corners, little L5R flavor, in brief, a funny game online, with many cool guys for raiding some weaker clans! Enjoy!


Bye Bye shooting session by LO,
a great friend,
a sexy woman,
an admirable photographer!